GlowTouch Technologies will be at the IdeaFestival

LOUISVILLE (September 15, 2011) – GlowTouch, along with some other prominent businesses in Louisville is moving their office to the IdeaHub of IdeaFestival from September 21,2011 to September 24, 2011. Come visit us whether you are a customer or you would like to learn about our services. The Mayor of Louisville, Mr. Greg Fischer is also moving his offices to the IdeaHub for the duration of the IdeaFestival. Founded in 2000, the IdeaFestival (IF) is a world-class event that attracts leading global innovators and thinkers to discuss and celebrate imagination, new perspectives and transformational ideas. The IdeaFestival provides a unique stage to explore the cross-cutting nature of innovation involving a range of diverse disciplines, while supplying the creative tools needed to “see,” synthesize and apply this knowledge in new, dynamic ways.