GlowTouch CSO Michael Fountain Gives Blueprint for Turning Ideas into Products

cso_michael_fountainIn the last Business Development session of day three, GlowTouch Technologies ( CSO Michael Fountain delivered his presentation, “ – A 7-Step Blueprint for Turning Ideas into Products, Over and Over Again”.

The presentation gave a step by step guide to how providers can generate their ideas into full-fledged products.

Fountain has designed, developed, deployed, and managed over a dozen different production level applications across several different companies, realizing these ideas from start to finish.

The steps, however, would more accurately be labeled “questions”, as Fountain listed seven key questions an individual should ask him/herself before starting the product development process.

These include, are you passionate about the idea? What problem does the idea solve? Is this a large and growing market? Is it unique? Is it the right time? Can I build it and deploy it? And finally, can I sell it?

The brief presentation closed with a quote from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”